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Make a Resolution to Buy that Western NC Mountain Home in 2018

Still struggling with that New Year’s Resolution? Haven’t you always wanted to own a home in the Asheville area? Well, this is the year. Why not start the process now and make the move up to the NC mountains in 2018. Buy a western NC mountain home in 2018

Greybeard Realty suggests that a good starting point is to assess what purpose the new home in western NC would serve. Will it be your new permanent home? Before you start looking, try the Greybeard ABC’s for Buyers to narrow down your search. Or maybe you will be buying an Asheville vacation home for rental income and limited use by yourselves. Please take a moment to watch the video on buying a vacation home. It’s important that your expectations for rental income are realistic.

Or maybe 2018 is your retirement year. Maybe you’re all set to take a look at the Greybeard exclusive listings to start the buying process. If you’re still on the fence, however, it might be a good idea to come for a longer stay at one of Greybeard Rentals’ long-term rentals. If you do that, you’ll be able to experience first-hand what it’s like to live in the western NC mountains.

So, if this is the year, then click onto Greybeard’s neighborhood maps and select the community where you’d like to start looking. Contact Greybeard Realty and make an appointment to head on up and take a look at some houses. There’s nothing like a New Year’s Resolution to spur a person into action. And there’s nothing like owning a NC mountain home to make 2018 a fantastic year.

Asheville Receives Accolades for Retirement

Once again, someone has let the cat out of the bag, with the news that Asheville is one of the top three places in the US to retire. The Motley Fool website announced that Asheville shares the honors with Prescott, AZ and Sarasota FL. For everyone who already lives here in western NC, that does not come as a surprise.

Cited for its temperate yet variable climate, gorgeous surroundings, and cultural offerings, Asheville also boasts an affordable cost of living. And the website points out that the city has served as a respite getaway for quite a while, pointing out that the Vanderbilt’s chose Asheville for The Biltmore Estate, the largest private home in the US. In addition to this onsite recognition, Asheville has also received a top place ranking from and is listed on

If you’re considering retirement, you might want to take advantage of one of Greybeard Rentals long term rentals which enables you to try out living in Asheville before you make the jump to permanency. Greybeard Realty is here to help when you’re ready to make the move to Asheville. We’ve made it our home for decades, and we’d love to have you join us here in western NC.

Rumors Swirl Around an Obama Asheville Home Purchase

Rumors have begun to surface that the Obama Family have purchased an Asheville home for use after the President's second term ends. While the White House has not confirmed the news, it wouldn't be a complete surprise to those people who have followed the President's recent visits to Asheville.


Obama speaking during one of his Asheville visits.

Obama speaking during one of his Asheville visits.


When Obama visited Asheville in 2013, he hinted then that he and Michelle thought Asheville might be their next stop. As noted in Greybeard's blog post about that visit, he was partial to the people and the food in the area. And that wasn't his only trip to the NC mountains. In his 2011 campaign visit to Asheville, he spoke fondly of Asheville, as noted in another Greybeard blog. The most recent talk about the Obamas relocating to the area indicates a home already has been purchased, though again this hasn't been confirmed. Another point of discussion is whether the home would be a permanent home or a getaway vacation home. While some pundits favor a larger city like Chicago or New York for their permanent home, others point out the peace and solitude the whole family would find in the area.

Regardless of whether it's true, it's great to see the fine words about Asheville. While it's news that Obama might be becoming our neighbor, it isn't news that the western NC mountains make a great retirement location. Greybeard Realty has known about the good value of an Asheville retirement for a long time. As to the veracity of the latest rumors, we will keep an ear to the news and keep you posted when it's confirmed as true. And if you've been considering retiring up this way, it may be time to follow through. After all, chances are that an Asheville retirement has just received a Presidential endorsement.

Asheville Attractions for All Ages

While we previously have outlined the benefits of an Asheville retirement in our blogs, we also want to highlight the various family activities that are happening in the western NC mountains. These activities, adventures and sites can be enjoyed by all ages and cover the gamut from hikes to museums to special musical performances.


Make your list of Asheville activities

Make your list of Asheville activities


The wide range of these attractions makes Asheville appealing for the retirement community as well as for young families who are relocating. For outdoor activities, there are numerous well-marked hikes including Parkway Trails and Montreat hikes. For the arts, the list includes Altamont Theatre and the Asheville Art Museum.  In addition, specials events such as the Drum Circle and the River Arts Studio Stroll are included. Please see our list of Family Fun on our Greybeard Rentals page to see the links for these and other suggested activities/events.

If you're thinking of relocating, trying a rental first can be a great way to sample the local atmosphere prior to deciding which local neighborhood is best for you. Check out our long-term rental listings to find the house that's just right for you. If you want more information about the area or want assistance in selecting a great long-term rental to tryout a particular neighborhood, please contact Greybeard Guest Services.

Also, we would love to hear your suggestions on other special activities and happenings that you would like to share on our Family Fun web page. Please let us know other items we should include on our list, and we will continue to update the page as we get new information.

Discover the Magic of Montreat Mountain Homes

Drive through the old stone gate, and you enter into Montreat magic. Founded as a mountain retreat, thus "Mon-treat", more than a century ago, Montreat has a simple, peaceful quality of life. It does not have a traffic light or a McDonalds.


Enter the gate and discover the magic of Montreat

Enter the gate and discover the magic of Montreat


Owning a Montreat mountain home means having access to multiple mountain trails, creeks and woodlands. Located in eastern Buncombe County, this secluded community features narrow winding roads that curve the contours of the mountainside. Pedestrians utilize neatly-kept paths that also follow the natural lay of the land. Roads and pathways converge at Lake Susan, home to the Montreat Conference Center and Montreat College.

Greybeard Realty's Montreat listings include a range of properties from a small home nestled near the mountain top to undeveloped land in a prime location.  Montreat, surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, makes a wonderful retirement community and is an ideal vacation rental property location.  And if you want to settle at the foot of Greybeard Mountain and raise your children, you can take advantage of the strength of the Buncombe County education system for schools.

Greybeard Realty has more information about this quiet mountain community and other Asheville area mountain communities, please contact one of our Greybeard Realtors. Or rent a Montreat rental cabin this summer and see what Montreat magic means.

Greybeard Reaches A Milestone; Is it Time For Your Asheville Retirement?

If buying an vacation cabin now for a later Asheville retirement is on your to-do list, you may appreciate knowing that Greybeard Rentals, the rental arm of Greybeard Realty, just passed a major milestone.  Greybeard, a home-grown company that only lists homes they would like to rent themselves, just surpassed the 30,000th reservation mark.


Retire or retreat, Asheville can't be beat.

Retire or retreat, Asheville can't be beat.


Greybeard Rentals has received recognition for its fine quality property management and strives to prepare each Asheville rental cabin with meticulous care for its guests.  Prior to each new guest arrival, each rental home is given a personal inspection to ensure it is in pristine condition.  To welcome each guest, Greybeard Rentals leaves a loaf of freshly-made pumpkin bread. Their commitment and attention to detail are only one aspect of Greybeard's property management plan.

So, why would a real estate buyer want to know this information?  First of all, as noted before, renting an Asheville home is a great idea if you are considering buying a home to help you assess each community's assets.  In addition, if you have been thinking about buying a home in Asheville for retirement later, now could be a great time to do so.  As these Asheville real estate market statistics indicate, the market is solid and headed upward. It's a great time to consider buying an Asheville home.

So why does it matter that Greybeard Rentals has reached this milestone? It shows that Asheville renters appreciate Greybeard's quality rental homes. And it may just be the impetus you've been looking for to head on up this way and buy a piece of property in the happiest city east of the Mississippi.  Come see what 30,000 other renters have already come to learn:  Asheville and its environs are a great place to be.

For more information on renting an Asheville home or to speak with a member of our property management team, please contact Greybeard Rentals.  And if you're ready to invest in your own Asheville home, then contact Greybeard Realty.


Get the Asheville Area's Flavor by Renting a Cabin Before Buying

Buying a home in Asheville requires understanding the area and appreciating the various communities that make up our real estate market.  One great way to experience the Asheville area is to rent a home within one of the communities and venture out from there to explore what the area has to offer.


Follow your own path to an Asheville real estate purchase.

Follow your own path to an Asheville real estate purchase.


At Greybeard Rentals, we have listings for numerous rental cabins in western North Carolina, including Asheville and Black Mountain.  In addition, you could opt for a rental cabin in the village of Cheshire or  Laurel Ridge to see if one of these communities feels like the place for you.  Our home-grown realty firm is comprised of agents and staff with North Carolina connections, and you can contact any of one of us to gain our perspective on the value that each community offers.

Another way to get a flavor of the area is to explore Asheville dining options and to investigate Greybeard's Calendar of Events which will let you see what life in the greater Asheville area is all about.  On Greybeard Rentals' blog, we strive to cover aspects of Asheville adventuring that may help you make a decision on where to settle in the area.

Some recent posts include picnic spots and hikes as well as great craft spots to visit. Included, also, is the strong microbrewery market which can be a draw for some folks. Also, Greybeard's Guest Services Division offers many vacation packages, including an Asheville Outdoor Adventure Package, which lets you experience the outdoors of the town.

If you aren't sure a one week stay will do they area justice, then consider a long-term rental cabin which will let you really settle in and explore.  And if retirement is your ultimate goal, then rent a home and take advantage of one of the retirement workshops offered locally.  And we have numerous Asheville vacation rental cabins for sale  if you want to buy now and settle later.  Contact Greybeard now and come give Asheville a try.

The Research is in on Asheville: Come on; Get Happy

If you need one more reason to invest in Asheville real estate, a recent study may just provide you with that extra incentive.  A recent study by a University of Vermont mathematician ranked US locales by using  a happy meter, and Asheville landed in the top 10.  Not only was Asheville in the top ten, but it was the only city east of the Mississippi to make the top 10.


Study proves Asheville is happy place!

Study proves Asheville is happy place!


By using a device called a "hedonmeter", analysts considered national tweets and noted the number of happy words used by residents of different areas.  In fact, all they needed was to take a trip to Asheville, and they could have experienced the goodness of the town firsthand. In fact, the recent study was only the latest recognition of Asheville as a great place to live.  Even President Obama got into the conversation recently when he noted he and Michelle would like to consider living here after the White House.

One option to discover Asheville's charms firsthand is to take advantage of one of Greybeard Rentals' long term rentals which lets you sample retirement before you settle in.  If you want, you can look into Asheville vacation homes and invest now for your future retirement.  If you're thinking about moving here while still raising children, you will want to check out our school report blog.

Regardless of your level of readiness, it's always a good time to check out the Asheville real estate market.  As our economic statistics indicate, the Asheville real estate market is on the upward track. For more information about buying a home in Asheville contact Greybeard Realty.  And head on up here and check out Asheville; Come on, get happy!

Is Obama Thinking About An Asheville Retirement?

During his brief visit to Asheville last week, President Obama eluded to a possible retirement in Asheville.  "Love coming to Asheville.  Michelle and I always talk about how, after this whole presidency thing, we're looking for a little spot to play a little golf, do a little hiking, fishing, barbecue."


Obama may vote for an Asheville retirement.

Obama may vote for an Asheville retirement.


If you want to beat the President here, it may be a good time to head up this way and see what Asheville real estate has to offer.  If you, like the President, still have some work to do before you can move here, consider purchasing one of Greybeard's vacation homes for sale.  With these homes, you can find the perfect home for retirement and rent it until you're ready to retire.

If you like the idea of Asheville but haven't had a chance to experience it first hand, check into one of Greybeard's rental cabins and see for yourself what Obama is talking about.  Our Guest Services can set you up with tee times and our staff is always willing to share some of our favorite hiking and picnic spots for our rental guests.

If you are familiar with the area but would like just a little bit more time to see if it's a good fit for your retirement plans, Greybeard's long term rentals can provide you with an extended stay to really let you try out an Asheville retirement.

If you have any questions about whether retiring in Asheville NC is right for you, now is the time to look into it. If the Obama-to-Asheville rumors are true, you will be able to beat the rush. For more information about Asheville homes for sale or the best rental homes for trying out retirement, contact Greybeard Realty.