Blog :: 03-2013

Greybeard Reaches A Milestone; Is it Time For Your Asheville Retirement?

If buying an vacation cabin now for a later Asheville retirement is on your to-do list, you may appreciate knowing that Greybeard Rentals, the rental arm of Greybeard Realty, just passed a major milestone.  Greybeard, a home-grown company that only lists homes they would like to rent themselves, just surpassed the 30,000th reservation mark.


Retire or retreat, Asheville can't be beat.

Retire or retreat, Asheville can't be beat.


Greybeard Rentals has received recognition for its fine quality property management and strives to prepare each Asheville rental cabin with meticulous care for its guests.  Prior to each new guest arrival, each rental home is given a personal inspection to ensure it is in pristine condition.  To welcome each guest, Greybeard Rentals leaves a loaf of freshly-made pumpkin bread. Their commitment and attention to detail are only one aspect of Greybeard's property management plan.

So, why would a real estate buyer want to know this information?  First of all, as noted before, renting an Asheville home is a great idea if you are considering buying a home to help you assess each community's assets.  In addition, if you have been thinking about buying a home in Asheville for retirement later, now could be a great time to do so.  As these Asheville real estate market statistics indicate, the market is solid and headed upward. It's a great time to consider buying an Asheville home.

So why does it matter that Greybeard Rentals has reached this milestone? It shows that Asheville renters appreciate Greybeard's quality rental homes. And it may just be the impetus you've been looking for to head on up this way and buy a piece of property in the happiest city east of the Mississippi.  Come see what 30,000 other renters have already come to learn:  Asheville and its environs are a great place to be.

For more information on renting an Asheville home or to speak with a member of our property management team, please contact Greybeard Rentals.  And if you're ready to invest in your own Asheville home, then contact Greybeard Realty.


Create Your Dream Business with One of Two Asheville Commercial Properties

If you've been scheming about finally opening the business of your dreams, one of these commercial properties in Asheville could just fit the bill. Perhaps you already have a successful business but need to expand your office space.  Or maybe you want to start a second, auxiliary business of a more seasonal nature.  You will want to check these properties out.


Asheville Commercial Properties Like This One Can Fulfill Dreams

Asheville Commercial Properties Like This One Can Fulfill Dreams


The first, 101 Black Mountain Ave., is an historical gem with incredible possibilities.  Think office space, retail property, condominiums or dining establishment.  This historic brick building that still has the original hardwood floors from its 1902 construction could satisfy any of those business plans.  With new HVAC and plumbing systems and off-street parking, this building will appeal to anyone with a discriminating eye for architectural excellence.

Greybeard's 66 Great Aspen Way has potential as well, just of a more seasonal nature.  This summer camp facility, built in 2002, has a large main activity building including storage, office and a kitchen as well as a large area of covered deck. The 12 independent cabins with covered porches are all in proximity meaning that much of the 83-acre property site is available for expansion.  And best of all, the property adjoins more than 4,000 acres of watershed/conservation land.  With its recent price reduction, this property is ideal for someone thinking of starting a seasonal business.

So if you're firmly established in the Asheville business community and looking to expand, come look into these properties.  Or if you've vacationed in Asheville and dream of relocating to the area and opening your own business, then contact Greybeard Realty and find the commercial property to make that dream a reality.  These could be the properties you've been looking for all this time!

Get the Asheville Area's Flavor by Renting a Cabin Before Buying

Buying a home in Asheville requires understanding the area and appreciating the various communities that make up our real estate market.  One great way to experience the Asheville area is to rent a home within one of the communities and venture out from there to explore what the area has to offer.


Follow your own path to an Asheville real estate purchase.

Follow your own path to an Asheville real estate purchase.


At Greybeard Rentals, we have listings for numerous rental cabins in western North Carolina, including Asheville and Black Mountain.  In addition, you could opt for a rental cabin in the village of Cheshire or  Laurel Ridge to see if one of these communities feels like the place for you.  Our home-grown realty firm is comprised of agents and staff with North Carolina connections, and you can contact any of one of us to gain our perspective on the value that each community offers.

Another way to get a flavor of the area is to explore Asheville dining options and to investigate Greybeard's Calendar of Events which will let you see what life in the greater Asheville area is all about.  On Greybeard Rentals' blog, we strive to cover aspects of Asheville adventuring that may help you make a decision on where to settle in the area.

Some recent posts include picnic spots and hikes as well as great craft spots to visit. Included, also, is the strong microbrewery market which can be a draw for some folks. Also, Greybeard's Guest Services Division offers many vacation packages, including an Asheville Outdoor Adventure Package, which lets you experience the outdoors of the town.

If you aren't sure a one week stay will do they area justice, then consider a long-term rental cabin which will let you really settle in and explore.  And if retirement is your ultimate goal, then rent a home and take advantage of one of the retirement workshops offered locally.  And we have numerous Asheville vacation rental cabins for sale  if you want to buy now and settle later.  Contact Greybeard now and come give Asheville a try.