Blog :: 05-2012

Asheville Building Permits Rise for First Quarter. Asheville Land Sales, Anyone?


Will Asheville Building Permit Increase=New Construction?


For the first time in several years, Asheville Real Estate statistics indicate that residential building permits are on the rise.  Greybeard Realty tracks several market indicators to gauge the Asheville area real estate market, and our company sees the present statistics as a positive indicator.

In data presented by The Market Edge, Buncombe County had a 9.4% increase in the first quarter of 2012, compared with the fourth quarter of 2011.  In addition, Buncombe County building permits showed a 26.1% increase in 2012, compared with 2011 year-to-date statistics.

In addition to Buncombe County, the Asheville region, consisting of Buncombe County and nine other contiguous counties, also showed a first quarter increase of 10.3% for the first quarter of 2012 over fourth quarter of 2011. Also, while not as robust as the Buncombe County increase, the Asheville region grew for the first quarter of 2012 for year to date, a 10.6% increase.

While a one quarter increase does not indicate a solid trend, the first quarter increase was the first quarter year-to-date increase in both Buncombe County and the Asheville region since the market high in building permits in 2007.

While additional quarterly statistics are necessary before a trend can be confirmed, these numbers give rise to optimism for the Asheville Real Estate market, particularly for Asheville land sales and new construction, both of which can provide an economic boost for the region.

Greybeard Realty has multiple listings for land sales both in the Asheville region as well as within particular communities such as Black Mountain, Montreat, and other particular towns within the Western North Carolina Real Estate Market such as Swannanoa. For more information, please contact Greybeard Realty.

Choosing An Asheville Summer Camp? Why Not Own One!

Do you have memories of an Asheville summer camp experience? Do you remember s'mores by the fire and quiet cabin chats with fellow campers? If you have an interest in providing that experience to Asheville vacationers today, consider Greybeard's commercial property listing for sale in the Asheville real estate market.


Own your own Asheville summer camp.


This 83-acre camp facility consists of a main activity building as well as 12 individual cabins, all in excellent condition. These structures, in addition to the two bathhouses, are grouped in one small area of the entire property, leaving the majority of the parcel for camp activities and additional expansion.

Constructed in 2002, this Black Mountain property, previously used as a summer camp, features handicap facilities, a modern kitchen facility, as well as recreational facilities. Accessed by a well-maintained gravel driveway, this property adjoins more than 4,000 acres of watershed/conservation easement.  For more information about this unique Asheville commercial property and an opportunity to gain access to the growing Asheville vacation/summer camp market, please contact Greybeard Realty.

Consider Asheville Foreclosure Properties As Alternative to Rent

The Asheville Real Estate market has not experienced the large number of foreclosure properties  that other areas across the nation have. Despite that, Greybeard's Asheville foreclosure properties listings offer a wide range of homes, and our Realtors understand the special considerations a buyer needs when purchasing a distressed property.

In the last few weeks, several articles have discussed the impact foreclosed properties has had on the national real estate market. As more people lose their homes and move into rental properties, the number of rental properties available has diminished which in turn has increased rental rates.  Also, mortgage rates continue to hover at record low rates, making becoming a home owner more affordable.


Asheville Foreclosures Benefit From Rising Rents


More people are finding that, if they have solid employment and an excellent credit rating, they actually can lower their housing costs by buying a home. In many instance, particularly if they can find a foreclosed property that appeals to them, buyers can spend less money monthly if they own their home rather than renting.

Again, while there are financial benefits, buyers need to understand the complexities that can accompany buying a distressed home. For more information on Asheville foreclosure properties or to get more information about the process of buying a distressed property, please contact Greybeard Realty.