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Rent Then Own Your Own Montreat Rental Home

If you'd like to tryout a Montreat home before you buy it, Greybeard Realty has just the home for you. Sabbath Rest, recently highlighted in a Greybeard Rental blog, sleeps eight. And its convenient location an easy walking distance from Lake Susan allows its guests to really get a feel for Montreat and what's it's like to be a part of this small mountain community.


Special Montreat rental home for sale.

Special Montreat rental home for sale.


Sabbath Rest, recently listed for sale at Greybeard Realty, offers a unique opportunity for potential buyers. In this case, you really can try and then buy this home. With several outdoor spaces, a nearby creek, and a fully-equipped kitchen, this home is move-in ready. As mentioned in a Greybeard sales blog, trying out a town by renting a home there is a great way to get to know the character and feel of the community. And in this case, not only can you get to know the community, you can get to know the actual home!

The town of Montreat, just east of Asheville, is centrally located in the western NC mountains. Known by some as the front porch of the NC mountain area, Montreat has bike/walking paths, no traffic lights, and some of the finest walking trails in the area. With its proximity to Asheville, Montreat provides quiet, peaceful living with easy access to larger city life just 15 miles away.

If you want a chance to stay at Sabbath Rest for a week or so to see what it would feel like to be a Montreat homeowner, why not try this rental. If you've already been to Montreat and want a home that is ready to move into and has a rental history already, then contact Greybeard Realty. How often do you get a chance to try and then buy a Montreat home?

Western NC Real Estate Numbers Foretell Future Growth

2014 First Quarter Statistics


Housing prices building in western NC real estate market.

Housing prices building in western NC real estate market.


For the past few quarters, western NC real estate numbers generally have been positive. The first quarter numbers of 2014 continue to show that positive trend. As a matter of fact, for the first time, average home prices in both markets have ticked upward, a further indication that the real estate markets in Buncombe County and Black Mountain are on solid footing.

Buncombe County

Buncombe County total sales volume increased 4% from January to March in 2014 compared with numbers from the same time in 2013. At $169 million that number is still down 27% from the peak sales volume of 2007. The number of units sold decreased a bit, 4%, from 683 units to 658 units. At the same time, however, the average price increased 7% year to date over last year's numbers. It bears noting that the market supply continues to shrink. The number of units on the market, compared with the same time last year, are down a hefty 18%.

Black Mountain

Total sales volume in Black Mountain increased 9% compared with last year at the same time, more than double the increase seen in Buncombe County. And in contrast to county numbers, the number of units sold increased 7%, from 28 to 30 units. And for the first time in quite a while, the average price has increased, up 2% from last year at the same time. For some time, while other statistics have shown an increase, the average price has lagged behind a bit. This recent increase, though a small one, indicates that the solid market numbers appear to show an upward trend. Indeed, with the number of units on the market decreasing 12% in Black Mountain, this tightening of supply would tend to foretell a further increase in average sales price as our summer demand increases. To see what's available in Black Mountain, please see Greybeard's Black Mountain home listings page.


With the western NC real estate market numbers continuing to show positive signs of growth, it seems the overall market is on very solid ground. Perhaps the most significant numbers in both Black Mountain and Buncombe County statistics are the small growth in average price and the larger decline in units on the market. With the diminished supply, Greybeard Realty expects to see those average prices continue that upward tick. And in another sign of market strength, it seems important to note the sustainable level at which the markets are growing. With this slow, steady strength of market, the statistics indicate that western NC real estate has gained a very solid footing. To continue tracking western NC real estate statistics, sign up to receive our market news which is updated regularly.