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Get the Asheville Area's Flavor by Renting a Cabin Before Buying

Buying a home in Asheville requires understanding the area and appreciating the various communities that make up our real estate market.  One great way to experience the Asheville area is to rent a home within one of the communities and venture out from there to explore what the area has to offer.


Follow your own path to an Asheville real estate purchase.

Follow your own path to an Asheville real estate purchase.


At Greybeard Rentals, we have listings for numerous rental cabins in western North Carolina, including Asheville and Black Mountain.  In addition, you could opt for a rental cabin in the village of Cheshire or  Laurel Ridge to see if one of these communities feels like the place for you.  Our home-grown realty firm is comprised of agents and staff with North Carolina connections, and you can contact any of one of us to gain our perspective on the value that each community offers.

Another way to get a flavor of the area is to explore Asheville dining options and to investigate Greybeard's Calendar of Events which will let you see what life in the greater Asheville area is all about.  On Greybeard Rentals' blog, we strive to cover aspects of Asheville adventuring that may help you make a decision on where to settle in the area.

Some recent posts include picnic spots and hikes as well as great craft spots to visit. Included, also, is the strong microbrewery market which can be a draw for some folks. Also, Greybeard's Guest Services Division offers many vacation packages, including an Asheville Outdoor Adventure Package, which lets you experience the outdoors of the town.

If you aren't sure a one week stay will do they area justice, then consider a long-term rental cabin which will let you really settle in and explore.  And if retirement is your ultimate goal, then rent a home and take advantage of one of the retirement workshops offered locally.  And we have numerous Asheville vacation rental cabins for sale  if you want to buy now and settle later.  Contact Greybeard now and come give Asheville a try.