Blog :: 08-2012

Selling Your Home: Act One-Setting the Stage

While the Asheville real estate market has shown positive signs of growth, selling Western North Carolina real estate still requires presenting the property for sale in pristine condition.  Staging a home for sale goes beyond cleaning the home, and the process can be completed without a large financial investment.


Important Staging for Western North Carolina real estate market

Prepare a to-do list for staging an Asheville home for sale.


To assist sellers in preparing their homes for sale, Greybeard Realty has assembled some simple home staging steps for getting a home in good shape prior to placing it on the competitive Asheville real estate market.  Buyers of Asheville homes are looking for homes they can imagine themselves living in, not imagine themselves visiting.  Often, sellers neglect to remove the numerous photographs and personal items which make it more difficult for buyers to envision the home as their own.   In addition, special attention should be paid to preparing the outside of the home, as potential buyers often will not even ask to look inside a home that has no curb appeal.

One very simple step for readying a home is to have a good friend come over and do a walk through for you, just as a potential buyer will do.  Often, a homeowner is so acclimated to their surroundings that they may not notice the personal items or the animal smells or the other items that can detract from a home's appeal.

For more information on staging a home, please refer to our full list of home staging ideas or contact Greybeard Realty with any questions.

The Tourists are Coming; The Tourists are Coming: Time to Buy An Asheville Vacation Home?

Anyone considering buying an Asheville vacation home within Western North Carolina real estate will be interested in the latest figures on tourist spending in Buncombe County.  State figures indicate that Buncombe County had the fifth highest amount of tourist spending of North Carolina counties. Tourists to this county that includes Asheville, Black Mountain and Montreat homes spent $783 million in 2011.  That figure represents a 7.4 percent increase from 2010 North Carolina tourist spending.


Western North Carolina Benefits From Tourism Dollars

Tourism Dollars Can Strengthen Asheville Real Estate Market


So why would that concern people interested in buying a Western North Carolina home? First of all, those tourist dollars impacted 9,070 jobs in the county with a payroll of $165.2 million for 2011.  An increase in tourist dollars indicates the strength of the tourist economy in the Asheville area. And secondly, with tourism spending up, people interested in purchasing an vacation home in Asheville to rent when they are not in residence can gain confidence that the tourism industry had a good showing for 2011.

Potential buyers of second homes in the Asheville area should be encouraged by these latest figures. In some instances, buyers may want to buy a home now for later Asheville retirement.  For other buyers, an Asheville real estate purchase may be strictly for investment. Regardless of the reason, buying a second home and renting it until time to take residence or recoup an investment is an option.

If an Asheville rental property is the buyer's goal, be sure to contact Greybeard Rentals, an award-winning property management team with 14 years of western North Carolina rental property experience. For more information about investing in Asheville real estate or for assistance in selecting an Asheville vacation property, please contact Greybeard Realty.

Attention Asheville Real Estate Shoppers: August Deals Available Once in a Blue Moon

As indicated in Greybeard's 2012 mid-year market report blog, Western North Carolina Real Estate has begun to show signs of recovery. This month features a blue moon, meaning two full moons in one month, a very rare occurrence. Similarly, the Asheville market, with near record low interest rates available and a good supply of homes, may offer buyers an unusual chance to buy that perfect home.


Asheville Home Deals Once in a Blue Moon

Asheville Real Estate in August's Blue Moon


It continues to be a good time to consider purchasing an Asheville home. If a small-town atmosphere appeals, be sure to consider Weaverville homes, Black Mountain homes, or Montreat homes when searching for that special second home. One option when trying to decide which Western North Carolina community is right for you is to consider an Asheville long-term rental which will give you the opportunity to tryout an area prior to making a purchase commitment.

While the Asheville real estate market has not been as hard hit as some other housing markets, Greybeard Realty does have a listing of Asheville foreclosures presently available.  As described on our foreclosure page, buying a foreclosed home takes a few extra steps, but Greybeard Realty's staff can guide you through the purchase process if you find the home of your dreams.

With the seasonal nature of the Asheville real estate market, now is a good time to find that second home in Western North Carolina. For assistance in making your home selection, please contact Greybeard Realty.