Blog :: 10-2011

President Obama Praises Asheville

On day one of his three day bus tour, President Obama stopped by the Asheville airport and expressed optimism about job creation in Asheville and North Carolina. While promoting has job plan, he also expressed his love for Asheville.  Speaking before a primarily supportive crowd, he talked about the urgency for job creation not only in


President Obama Speaks

President Obama at the podium earlier


Asheville and North Carolina but across the nation.  In his remarks, however, he paid special tribute to Asheville.

"I love Asheville," he told the crowd.  "Every time I meet somebody I say have you guys gone down to Asheville?  Our family has great memories of staying here, and it's always nice to get out of Washington and breathe some of that mountain air."

The President and Mrs. Obama last visited Asheville in April 2010 and made several stops at local hangouts.  It's always nice when someone recognizes what those of us who live here have known all along.  Asheville is a special place.

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Asheville Real Estate Market Welcomes Vacation Rental Ordinance Change

The Asheville real estate market received a potential boost October 4th when Buncombe County commissioners voted unanimously to change the current zoning ordinance for vacation rentals.  Since December 2009, residential rental restrictions have been in place, limiting new properties from entering the rental market. 

With the rental restrictions, many Realtors reported that homebuyers looking for second homes were often deterred by the rental restrictions.  It is not unusual for people planning to retire in Buncombe County to buy a home prior to retirement and put it into the rental market until they are ready to relocate to the area permanently.  The restrictions meant that was no longer a legal option.


Buncombe County rental restrictions eased

Rental Restrictions for Buncombe County revized.


With the commissioners' action which allows rentals countywide, homeowners will now have that option restored.  In addition, visitors to the Asheville area will have more rental properties from which to choose.  Many tourists prefer to stay in a home and have a more authentic mountain cabin experience than a hotel room may provide.

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