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At GreyBeard Realty, our approach to selling your Asheville property is one word: Dynamic.

We don't just use our unrivaled real estate market knowledge, our years of experience, or our diverse banking, business administration, and marketing backgrounds. We don't just use our website or our extensive network of real estate buyers, renters, and other professionals in the area. We do it all, and much more.

Your GreyBeard Realtor will assist you in every step of selling your Asheville home, including staging, preparation for the presentation, hosting open houses, hiring our professional photographer to snap the best images of your property, and using our national marketing strategy to attract buyers coming from near and far.

Sound like a big job? To our agents, it's just another exciting day in the career we love.

Our sales staff remains dedicated to our founding principle of providing superior customer service during the sales process. We emphasize our Realtor quality rather than our number of Realtors. Like Asheville itself, we stay small on purpose so that we can always be accessible to you.

Selling a Home in Asheville NC

Online Marketing

90% of home buyers use the Internet for their home search. That's a lot of people. How do we market your property to them? To start, our website receives 300,000 views each year and 12,000 visits per month, and those numbers are growing. Through the real estate tools on our site such as property inquiry forms, tour schedule, mortgage calculation, and our expansive social media presence, we can connect with highly qualified home buyers to sell your home for the right price at the right time.

Listings Videos

YouTube is the second largest search engine with more than 1.9 billion monthly active logged-in users. At GreyBeard, we recognize the value of video and offer listing videos to help promote properties. Our Listing Videos have reached over 13,000 viewers in the last 90 days. In addition to adding listing videos onto YouTube, the videos are also added to our website to help enrich the listing detail pages visitors browse through. View our Listings playlist on YouTube to see what we've done for our clients. 

Access to Buyers & Renters

In addition to the national, regional, and local marketing plan overseen by our full-time marketing director, Greybeard Realty has the inside track on buyers coming into the area as we also have the largest selection of Asheville rental listings in the area. GreyBeard Rentals, an award-winning property management firm, handles more than 2,200 rental reservations a year, bringing almost 10,000 people into the Asheville real estate area. As might be expected, when they experience the high quality of life in the Asheville area, a large percentage of these visitors decide to purchase their own home here and turn to Greybeard Realty for assistance.

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