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Make a Resolution to Buy that Western NC Mountain Home in 2018

Still struggling with that New Year’s Resolution? Haven’t you always wanted to own a home in the Asheville area? Well, this is the year. Why not start the process now and make the move up to the NC mountains in 2018. Buy a western NC mountain home in 2018

Greybeard Realty suggests that a good starting point is to assess what purpose the new home in western NC would serve. Will it be your new permanent home? Before you start looking, try the Greybeard ABC’s for Buyers to narrow down your search. Or maybe you will be buying an Asheville vacation home for rental income and limited use by yourselves. Please take a moment to watch the video on buying a vacation home. It’s important that your expectations for rental income are realistic.

Or maybe 2018 is your retirement year. Maybe you’re all set to take a look at the Greybeard exclusive listings to start the buying process. If you’re still on the fence, however, it might be a good idea to come for a longer stay at one of Greybeard Rentals’ long-term rentals. If you do that, you’ll be able to experience first-hand what it’s like to live in the western NC mountains.

So, if this is the year, then click onto Greybeard’s neighborhood maps and select the community where you’d like to start looking. Contact Greybeard Realty and make an appointment to head on up and take a look at some houses. There’s nothing like a New Year’s Resolution to spur a person into action. And there’s nothing like owning a NC mountain home to make 2018 a fantastic year.

US News and World Report Asked Greybeard About Purchasing a Family Vacation Home

When US News and World Report wanted information about the best approach for families wanting to purchase a vacation home, they contacted Greybeard founder, Chip Craig, to get a few ideas from him. As the article indicates, the most important aspects of the buying process are consolidating, communication, and compromise. Havencrest Vacation Rental for Sale

Contacted by US News, Chip points out that setting up a limited liability company or LLC prior to the purchase can make the most sense. And he notes that an LLC can set out the transfer of the property through generations upfront, especially if parents are buying with the idea of passing the home down to children. And as most of these transactions tend to be cash, setting up an LLC generally does not delay closings.

When families enjoy gathering in the same spot each year, it becomes logical that they might want to invest in their own vacation home, maybe even an NC mountain home. Owning a vacation home in a spectacular location allows families to have one central gathering spot and takes the guesswork out of where to stay as well. But as the US News and World Report article points out, that seemingly simple purchase can present some particular issues.

As stated in the article, in 2016, 12% of home buyers purchased vacation homes in the US. With different generations involved, it can become complicated when making plans for the smooth transfer of the property. Again, consolidating the home into an LLC can take care of some of the issues. One area that can become dicey is how to manage the home, if it enters the renters’ market when not in use by family. Who’s going to get the proper insurance, who’s going to clean it, and who’s going to manage the reservations to make sure it isn’t double booked? One option is signing on with a rental management company, like Greybeard Rentals that can take over the detailed responsibility for that. And even that plan should be decided prior to a vacation home purchase. That’s where the communication piece comes into it. Sit down and really talk about what’s important, what works, and what everyone sees as the longer-term plan for a shared vacation home. And of course, that’s where the compromise comes in. Be willing to listen to each other and be willing to work together to get a great plan in place.

If you’re all ready to move forward, why not take a look at Greybeard Realty’s vacation home listings. We have a number of homes available, many with a proven rental history. If you’d like to talk more about purchasing a home as a family or even with friends, feel free to touch base directly with Greybeard Realty, and we would be happy to work with you through the process. Family vacations homes generates memories and traditions that will not be forgotten.

Black Mountain Rentals Receive Raves

If you've thought about investing in a vacation home in the Black Mountain area and were waiting for the right time, that time may have arrived. Men's Journal has pointed to Black Mountain as being the best place to rent a summer home. You can read all about it in a story covered in Greybeard's rental blog.

Beautiful creek on 1080 High Rock Acres vacation home for sale property.

Beautiful creek on 1080 High Rock Acres vacation home for sale property.

Black Mountain and western North Carolina have long been valued for their retirement appeal, and Greybeard has talked about the value of renting a cabin to try out retirement. Now, as Men's Journal points out, Black Mountain is receiving attention for its outdoor activities and active life. Imagine buying a cabin from Greybeard's listings of vacation homes for sale and taking advantage of some of those outdoor activities yourself from time to time.

If you're concerned about the hassle of looking after a rental home in the area, you can leave the property management to Greybeard Rentals. Greybeard's staff has a reputation for paying attention to details and providing superior individualized attention. Our management team has received national recognition for its service quality. If you've ever wondered when you could buy your own vacation home, why not come on up and look around a bit. The time has come.

The Tourists are Coming; The Tourists are Coming: Time to Buy An Asheville Vacation Home?

Anyone considering buying an Asheville vacation home within Western North Carolina real estate will be interested in the latest figures on tourist spending in Buncombe County.  State figures indicate that Buncombe County had the fifth highest amount of tourist spending of North Carolina counties. Tourists to this county that includes Asheville, Black Mountain and Montreat homes spent $783 million in 2011.  That figure represents a 7.4 percent increase from 2010 North Carolina tourist spending.


Western North Carolina Benefits From Tourism Dollars

Tourism Dollars Can Strengthen Asheville Real Estate Market


So why would that concern people interested in buying a Western North Carolina home? First of all, those tourist dollars impacted 9,070 jobs in the county with a payroll of $165.2 million for 2011.  An increase in tourist dollars indicates the strength of the tourist economy in the Asheville area. And secondly, with tourism spending up, people interested in purchasing an vacation home in Asheville to rent when they are not in residence can gain confidence that the tourism industry had a good showing for 2011.

Potential buyers of second homes in the Asheville area should be encouraged by these latest figures. In some instances, buyers may want to buy a home now for later Asheville retirement.  For other buyers, an Asheville real estate purchase may be strictly for investment. Regardless of the reason, buying a second home and renting it until time to take residence or recoup an investment is an option.

If an Asheville rental property is the buyer's goal, be sure to contact Greybeard Rentals, an award-winning property management team with 14 years of western North Carolina rental property experience. For more information about investing in Asheville real estate or for assistance in selecting an Asheville vacation property, please contact Greybeard Realty.

Choosing An Asheville Summer Camp? Why Not Own One!

Do you have memories of an Asheville summer camp experience? Do you remember s'mores by the fire and quiet cabin chats with fellow campers? If you have an interest in providing that experience to Asheville vacationers today, consider Greybeard's commercial property listing for sale in the Asheville real estate market.


Own your own Asheville summer camp.


This 83-acre camp facility consists of a main activity building as well as 12 individual cabins, all in excellent condition. These structures, in addition to the two bathhouses, are grouped in one small area of the entire property, leaving the majority of the parcel for camp activities and additional expansion.

Constructed in 2002, this Black Mountain property, previously used as a summer camp, features handicap facilities, a modern kitchen facility, as well as recreational facilities. Accessed by a well-maintained gravel driveway, this property adjoins more than 4,000 acres of watershed/conservation easement.  For more information about this unique Asheville commercial property and an opportunity to gain access to the growing Asheville vacation/summer camp market, please contact Greybeard Realty.

Asheville Real Estate Market Primed for Second Home Purchase

Buyers searching the Asheville real estate market for a second home will find many suitable listings, and, with the Asheville real estate market on the uptick, now would be a great time to consider that investment.  A second home can be a great weekend/summer getaway spot for you.  It can also serve as an Asheville rental home until you are ready to make the move into the home yourself, perhaps after retirement to Asheville.


View From 98 Westminster, Montreat, NC


Greybeard Realty has many homes that have served as rental/vacation homes previously.  In addition, most homes within Black Mountain and Montreat can serve as vacation homes.  Greybeard Rentals offers three suggestions when choosing a home to use as a vacation property.  Our most requested Asheville vacation or rental home is a home with a view.  Timber frame and log cabins are also a high priority for our renters. Our vacationers often search for homes with hot tubs, which can be added to most homes quite easily.

If you are considering buying a second home as a rental property, please check out Greybeard's experienced rental management division.  Our award winning management team handles every aspect of your rental including marketing your home through our national marketing network and home inspections after each rental period to ensure the integrity of your home.  Contact us for more information on Asheville homes for sale and Greybeard's rental management team.

Greybeard Realty Website Dedicated to Asheville Rental Cabins

Greybeard Realty of Black Mountain, NC, unveiled a new website this week dedicated specifically to their rental home division.  The Asheville area rentals website offers clients more search options, including allowing them to set up a favorite homes grouping so they can do a close comparison to choose the property best suited for their needs.




Black Mountain NC Waterfall Image to Celebrate Site Dedicated to Asheville NC Rentals

Setrock Creek Falls in Black Mountain



For company founder Chip Craig the new website improves the service his company has striven to provide since its inception in 1999.  "We pride ourselves on being responsive to our clients, and we think this new website will give them more options and more information, which will make it even easier to choose the right rental home."

Asheville NC Vacation Rental Homes

Greybeard Realty's rental staff manages more than 150 vacation rental homes in Asheville and surrounding towns, and more than 100 long-term rentals in the Asheville area.  Amenity categories include pet-friendly homes, secluded homes, romantic homes, and homes with hot tubs.

Craig notes that his company just reached a milestone when they surpassed the 20,500th reservation in their rental division.  A survey conducted of Greybeard's rental guests last year indicated that 99% of them would recommend the company to their friends and family.  With the launching of the new website and the positive feedback from past renters, Craig predicts that the number of rental reservations will continue its steady increase.

Greybeard Realty is a full-service real estate company with 11 brokers and 6 guest service employees.  For more information on Greybeard Realty contact Chip Craig at 828-669-1072.

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Asheville Cabin Day Trip

If you are looking for an international cultural event within a short distance from your Asheville cabin, consider taking in the 26th annual Folkmoot USA International Festival taking place in various Western North Carolina counties from July 22nd to August 1. One of only two international folk festivals in the US, Folkmoot USA, centered in Waynesville, NC, features more than 300 traditional dancers and musicians from 10 to 12 countries each year.  This year's festival has 21 ticketed performances as well as 34 private and charitable performances, some held as close as Asheville.  Of course, the first step is choosing the right Asheville cabin.  Greybeard Realty can help you make the right decision.  Choosing the right festival event is up to you.

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Enjoy Presidential Treatment in Your Asheville Cabin



Obama Motorcade Heads to Asheville NC

Obama Visits Area



President Obama (POTUS) and first lady Michelle Obama, completed an Asheville vacation weekend that featured a Blue Ridge Mountain hike and golfing, as well as sampling various local restaurants and visiting with Reverend Billy Graham.  Their vacation included lots of scheduling and logistics to ensure that everything went smoothly.

Do you think the Obamas planned their own recreational activities during their weekend in Asheville? Did they choose the best site for their Blue Ridge Parkway hike?  Did they make the calls to the restaurants for reservations? Was the President on the phone checking for the best tee times?  You can be sure that they had someone take care of that for them.  Now, from your Asheville rental cabin you can enjoy the same level of planning on your behalf.

When you rent your Asheville cabin from Greybeard Realty, you can also utilize the guest services division and have them plan and organize your entire vacation, just like the Obamas did.  Think of it as having a vacation's worth of Presidential treatment.    Greybeard has packages that include golfing at multiple golf courses, including the course Obama played during his Asheville vacation.  We can also arrange for your romantic getaway weekend or an Asheville outdoor adventure package.

If you would prefer several activities, consider taking advantage of one of our a la carte services like a spa day or a horseback riding adventure.  The President had most every move during his vacation photographed by the local press.  While we can't arrange that type of coverage for you, we can schedule a photography session with a very talented local photographer to record your vacation memories.

The first step in the process is to choose the best Asheville area rental cabin to meet your particular needs.  If you need help with that, we can offer suggestions including best views, dog friendly or most secluded.  Once you have settled on your rental, let us handle the rest of the planning, to make your next Asheville vacation comparable to a Presidential retreat.

Asheville Area Cabin with Authentic Ambiance: Hold the Wi-Fi

For people choosing an Asheville cabin to get away from it all we have added a new rental to our listings, one that offers the desired ambiance and the basic amenities.  This Montreat home really recalls the simpler days and offers renters a chance to escape from the hubbub of today's technology.  Absent are the wi-fi and the big screen TV.  Available is the peace and serenity that comes with simple mountain living.


Lake Susan

Beautiful Day at Lake Susan


Built in the 1920s and completely renovated in 2009, the Lancaster House boasts period charm with high ceilings, tall windows and vintage bead board.  With a new second floor and all new kitchen appliances, renters can experience a fresh, updated home that still has the mountain character they want. 

 Just a 10 minute walk from Lake Susan, this charming home sleeps 14.  In this home, you can quiet the everyday buzz of electronics and really enjoy the solitude of Montreat.   Contact us and we can give you more details on this and other rental homes from our extensive listings.