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Selling Your Home: Act One-Setting the Stage

While the Asheville real estate market has shown positive signs of growth, selling Western North Carolina real estate still requires presenting the property for sale in pristine condition.  Staging a home for sale goes beyond cleaning the home, and the process can be completed without a large financial investment.


Important Staging for Western North Carolina real estate market

Prepare a to-do list for staging an Asheville home for sale.


To assist sellers in preparing their homes for sale, Greybeard Realty has assembled some simple home staging steps for getting a home in good shape prior to placing it on the competitive Asheville real estate market.  Buyers of Asheville homes are looking for homes they can imagine themselves living in, not imagine themselves visiting.  Often, sellers neglect to remove the numerous photographs and personal items which make it more difficult for buyers to envision the home as their own.   In addition, special attention should be paid to preparing the outside of the home, as potential buyers often will not even ask to look inside a home that has no curb appeal.

One very simple step for readying a home is to have a good friend come over and do a walk through for you, just as a potential buyer will do.  Often, a homeowner is so acclimated to their surroundings that they may not notice the personal items or the animal smells or the other items that can detract from a home's appeal.

For more information on staging a home, please refer to our full list of home staging ideas or contact Greybeard Realty with any questions.