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Gearing Up for a Great NC Hike

One great advantage of living in western NC is to have immediate access to all of the incredible hiking that’s so readily accessible in this area. Greybeard has some terrific hiking suggestions on Greybeard’s things to do list, and a recent Greybeard blog highlighted a top ten list just released.

One aspect of hiking that we haven’t really talked about is how to prepare to hike. We’re not talking about conditioning. We will leave that up to you. It’s more about being prepared, as even a day hike can become more of an adventure if you’re not ready for whatever comes along. As an example, one of our Realtors recently went out to walk on a large piece of land he was planning to show the next day, and he noticed that with the sun obscured by clouds and the lot completely covered by lush greenery with no paths, he quickly became disoriented. That’s why this “how to pack for a hike” website came to mind. If you’re going to hike, even just a day hike, it pays to prepare. Cell phones can lose battery power and be out of cell service, so a compass is a good idea. And, if you live up here and decide to take a multi-day hike, the packing list is a bit longer. Even a seasoned traveller can become disoriented in unfamiliar territory, and if you live up here you know the weather can change in an instant. Take some time to prepare before you head out. It can really make a difference.

And if all of this talking about frequent hiking has you yearning to live up this way, why not look at the listed for sale at Greybeard Realty. Even if you aren’t interested in relocating permanently, this could be just the time to buy that second home. Greybeard Rentals management services offers superior property management, and you can slip away and head up this way whenever you get a chance.

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