Blog :: 05-2015

Blaze a Trail to this Black Mountain Log Cabin

People often imagine themselves settling into a Black Mountain log cabin and living the simple life of old. With this newly-listed three-bedroom, three-bath log home, new owners actually can enjoy that traditional style while taking advantage of modern amenities as well. Make Tracks to this Black Mountain Cabin

Constructed in 1988 using 1850’s style logs, 21 Bear Track Rd. has RV insulation and cedar beams. Slate and wood flooring, a large covered porch, and a stone chimney complete the old-style feel of this Black Mountain home. Take advantage of the outdoor wood furnace and utilize the hot tub as well.  In addition to a two-car garage with an unfinished loft, this property also has two creeks with a working water wheel, a horse barn and additional outbuildings. The home, nestled in an ideal setting, is located only several miles from downtown Black Mountain.

If you’re familiar with the area, you will appreciate this traditionally-styled home with proximity to Black Mountain. If you’re not as familiar, why not check into one of Greybeard’s Black Mountain rentals to see what makes this mountain community so special. But you probably don’t want to wait too long to check out this listing. A log cabin, property creeks, and quick access to Black Mountain…it just doesn’t get any better than this one. For more infomation, visit the Greybeard Realty website.

Black Mountain Land Rejuvenates

As you may have heard, a fire this spring burned more than 740 acres of Black Mountain and Montreat  land. After a dryer than usual winter, the fire spread quickly and took several days to contain.  A photo, taken by a runner on the Toll Road just after the fire ended, shows the degree of charring. Montreat Land Several Days Post Fire

 But if anyone doubts the rejuvenating ability of nature, all you have to do is take a look at a second photo, taken less than a month later from the same spot. The dark gray landscape has been replaced by a blanket of green, indicating that regrowth is already occurring in the area. It's likely that in a few months, it will be very difficult to see the remaining scars of the fire. Same Montreat Area a Few Weeks Later

In addition to its ability to rejuvenate, Black Mountain is a vibrant, thriving community. And as Greybeard Realty's market news indicates, the real estate market is also on the uptick.
If owning a home in western NC is on your bucket list, this year would be a good year to do that. Take a look at Greybeard's Black Mountain listings, and contact Greybeard Realty for more information.