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Orange Peel On A Checklist for the NC Bred

If you already live in NC or if you just think you might like to, check out this list we ran across of "The 21 ways to know you're a real North Carolinian." The list mentions Andy Griffith and James Taylor which are fairly self-explanatory. For a few of the other items listed, you really do need to have at least visited here to know what it's all about.

Cheerwine makes the list.

Cheerwine makes the list.

If, for example, you've never been to North Carolina, you probably haven't enjoyed a cold Cheerwine on a warm day, used to wash down a moonpie, but they forgot to mention the moonpie. They talk about getting rained on during Merlefest, another event you sort of have to live here to know about. And they also make the observation of the obvious: If you are from NC, "you think 'sweet tea or unsweetened tea' is the dumbest question ever". We couldn't agree more!

But what really caught our eye at Greybeard was #21 on the list. It claims you know you're from NC if "you've reminded people that you saw the Avett Brothers at the Orange Peel." Whoa, the Orange Peel! We talked about the Orange Peel and the Asheville Music scene a while ago, and we appreciate the high quality music they bring into the Asheville area. We were still proud to see an Asheville-based music venue made the list.

If you're ready to make your home in western NC and live the NC dream that is detailed in this 21 item list, then check out the Asheville Real Estate listings on the Greybeard website. If you just want to come for a visit, Greybeard Rentals vacation listings are worth checking out. And don't forget to see what's happening at the Orange Peel while you're here.