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There's No Place Like Home, Especially in Western North Carolina

There's no place like an Asheville home, unless it's a Montreat cottage, or a Black Mountain cabin.  At Greybeard Realty, we have come to realize that it isn't all in the name.  When it comes down to it, what people really want is a special house in western North Carolina.

When searching for real estate for sale in the area, people often choose "Asheville cabin" as their search words, even when they want an elegant, four-bedroom structure in the middle of the city.  In fact, "Asheville cabin" is among the most searched keyword phrases for real estate in western NC. The on-line Merriam-Webster defines cabin as: a small one-story dwelling usually of simple construction. That word choice, then, is often correct for Asheville log cabins for sale. But it doesn't quite capture the essence of some of our larger houses, for example our listings of homes with 5 or more bedrooms.


A five-bedroom Montreat listing on Assembly Drive.

A five-bedroom Montreat listing on Assembly Drive.


In second place for most searched is "cottage," as in Montreat cottage, which again conjures up the image of a small, cozy structure.  A quick glance at Greybeard's Montreat listings, however, indicates that some of these western NC homes for sale are hardly small. Again, Merriam-Webster defines cottage as: a usually small house for vacation use. The definition does match some of our Asheville vacation homes for sale.

And how about an Asheville home? Merriam-Webster defines home as: one's place of residence. Well, that may be true for some of our western NC listings, but what if someone is looking for a vacation home for sale to buy now for a later Asheville retirement? Does that still qualify as one's residence?

If all of this conversation about residential words has your head spinning, don't panic.  For the best results of houses, homes, cabins and cottages in western North Carolina for sale, simply go to our Asheville real estate advanced search option, enter the criteria you're seeking, and hit search. And as always, if you want the one-on-one contact with a Greybeard Realtor, please contact us. After all, to paraphrase a famous bard, "a home by any other name is still a home".

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