Blog :: 11-2012

Simple Steps for Real Estate Buyers in Asheville and Elsewhere

Real estate buyers in Asheville can benefit from a few simple steps to ensure that when they find the house of their dreams, it won't become a nightmare. For every handful of happily-ever-after buyer stories, there is one house-that-got-away tale.  To be sure a buyer is prepared for house hunting, Greybeard Realty has assembled The ABCs for Buyers, six simple steps to get ready for a home purchase.


Home Buyers: Simple Steps

Simple steps to assist buyers.


In short, buyers should know what they need and what they can afford.  Very often, house hunters set off without taking into account they need a first floor bedroom or can only afford a fixer-upper home. Doing a brief assessment of needs and assets can shorten the list of homes a prospective buyer needs to check out.

Also, home buyers in western NC should do their homework about where they want to live. Are they heart set on city life in a home in Asheville or do they crave a peaceful mountainside home in Montreat? Regardless of the home's location, buyers can benefit from having a Realtor they know and trust to show them the various options.

For more information about how to prepare to buy a home, check out our buyers' notes.  To meet Greybeard's Realtors and get more information about the Asheville real estate market, please contact Greybeard Realty.