GreyBeard History

Formed in 1999, GreyBeard Realty began as a rental management company. Throughout the years, the company transitioned to home sales to further help our community. Today, the company continues to focus on sales and rentals in the extended Asheville, NC area. Our team is devoted and dedicated to our clients and we have the local expertise necessary to find you the home of your dreams. 

Why is it called GreyBeard Realty?

Although we are a real estate company we wanted to anchor our name to our beautiful surroundings. Greybeard Mountain is the largest of the Seven Sisters (Middle Mountains), which is the closest range to Black Mountain and Montreat. Greybeard Mountain got its name from the old-timers who thought the ice-covered trees on its ridges looked like an elderly man's flowing grey beard. GreyBeard Agents and Staff.

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