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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

FIVE STARS PLUS! Five stars only does no justice to the level of excellent support, breadth of knowledge, and the highest level of professionalism that I had experienced from Ameliah Davidson. She was beyond great. I cannot commend her enough for such a great professional relationship I experienced in having her as my real estate agent. I look forward to have her again as my agent for my next real estate purchase. I will refuse to settle for anyone else. George S. Lefas
My experience with Rosie Johnson was more than 5 star!! She was the most professional, considerate, efficient, patient and personable realtor I have ever dealt with and there have been many realtors in the past. She kept up the listing on our property for 4 years and did everything she could to market it to its best potential. She is tops in my estimation and I would do business with her and recommend her, which I will. If I need a realtor in the future you can bet I would call on her. Rosie Johnson is a valuable asset to Greybeard Realty. Alice Sheehan
Being 78 years old, my wife and I have purchased and sold many houses and homes. Some ousts were for Rental Income many others were homes to live in. Along the way we have had many realtors to work with. Rosie is our very favorite. She has had a lot of experience helping others purchase and/or selling their homes. She is available to discuss pros and cons of each home and advising based on her knowledge of the area and home condition. Sandra and I highly recommend Rosie, she is a Delight to work with.
We had a great experience with Rosie. From start to finish she anticipated all possible eventualities or difficulties, and informed us. She followed up with lawyers on both sides regarding title and other issues, and made sure all the necessary connections between all parties were made when they needed to happen. She is always positive, cheerful, and efficient, besides being charming, well presented and professional at all times. I will recommend her to anyone looking for a new home or selling one. When I need a real estate professional in the future, I will call her as I have done twice already. Thanks again, Rosie!
Anyone can help you find a HOUSE, but not everyone will be patient and take the time to help you find YOUR HOME. I tend to be an over-thinking, critical decision maker which can be stressful on anyone helping me out. Throughout my 8 month long home search, Annie helped me with everything I could ask for and became a good friend in the process. If you're looking for an agent that will take the time to get to know YOU and help you find a HOME and not just a house, Annie is your girl.
Adam rocks. He helped us negotiate a challenging land purchase after a year of looking on our own with no tangible results. Then, as we neared completion of construction on our new house, Adam held our nervous hands through the dizzying process of listing, and ultimately selling, the house that we had lived in for almost a decade, This during the heart of winter darkness when supposedly no property moves, and we did so without a single hiccup. Thank you Adam!
“We would have no hesitation in recommending Adam Johnson as your Realtor for purchasing or selling your home. He is very knowledgeable in all facets of the real estate process and made buying our home an extremely easy and pleasurable experience. Adam was very well prepared and presented us with all available properties in our desired location and in accordance with our requirements. Adam continually followed up with us on new properties that had come to market and always responded to our calls in a timely manner. With his help we were able to find the best house in the best location.
I have had the pleasure of working with David since 2015. During this time, he has assisted me in the purchase of 2 properties. On both occasions, he went above and beyond by previewing properties in my absence, taking diligent notes with videos, providing extensive contextual information about the house and the neighborhoods in relation to long-term projections for the area. David Begley is an exceptional agent; I would highly recommend David Begley to anyone looking for a buyer's agent.
We had an excellent experience with Greybeard. Rena helped us find the house that would best suit our needs, and she was very diligent and intuitive in understanding what those needs were. She often knew about homes before they were even on the market; we appreciated that she knew the area so well, and had many contacts. Several times she met us on short notice, and she also helped us gain a better understanding of the market in our area. We're confident we found the right home, thanks to Rena.
We hit a triple! We sold a house, we bought a house, we sold land. All this was accomplished in record time by an expert named Rosie Johnson through Grey Beard Realty. We had no experience with any of these procedures, my Realtor (Rosie Johnson) handled. It all. She coordinated the appraisal, handled the advertising, spent hours making sure we found our new home. She scheduled the lawyer, the closing, and all pertinent details. All we can say is "Thank God for Grey Beard and especially Rosie! Sincerely, Dave and Ruth Cooke
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