Second Home Care

Rest easy. Your home is in good hands. 

Greybeard HomeCare was launched in September 2014 to provide homeowners with a trustworthy and qualified source for second-home and property care. 

This new offering includes three package plans that range in levels of service so that you, the homeowner, can choose the plan that best meets your needs.

Plan Details

  • Offered as a yearly or off season (6 months) contract
  • All packages include home visits, emergency weather checks, routine house system checks and monthly email reports/maintenance recommendations.
  • Service options increase based upon the level of service you choose

Pricing Options

  • Basic Home package - $150 per month
  • Total Home package - $200 per month
  • Total Property package - $300 per month

Here From Our Clients

Click here for a detailed description of each package's included services.

Please download and submit the client information form if you would like to sign up for a service package.

For more information or to set up your Greybeard HomeCare plan, call us toll free at 855-997-2874 or email