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TLC For Your Vacation Home in Asheville

If you've worried about who will keep an eye on your vacation home in the Asheville area when you can't be there, relax. Greybeard's Second Home Care has that covered. Launched in the fall of 2014, this service provides homeowners with peace of mind when they can't be at that home.

Open the door to your new Asheville vacation home.

Open the door to your new Asheville vacation home.

How many times have you wanted to take that step and buy your own Asheville vacation home but hesitated because of concern about who will check for frozen pipes after a hard freeze? Or maybe you already have your second home and are tired of driving up to check on the damage after the latest wind storm. With Greybeard's Second Home Care, someone will take care of that for you and even e-mail you with any concerns. In addition, manager and Realtor Jean David and his wife, Morgan, can make regular maintenance recommendations that may be needed.

This new division of Greybeard Realty takes the stress out of second-home ownership. If the added responsibility of a second home has been a deterrent for you, then that obstacle has been removed. Browse through Greybeard Realty's vacation home listings and then head on up to take a look at a couple of homes. With Greybeard's Second Home Care, you won't have to give property maintenance a second thought.


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